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We wanted to create a brand that spoke to our generation. We want quality at a realistic price. After years developing other company's, we realized people purchase an experience, not just a product. Aura's experience is one of community.

We were consumers first. Researching and purchasing from the best retailers for ourselves. A gap we noticed was a brand that had the timelessness but still the relatability to our current culture.

When one of our founders wore a piece to a football game and was offered cash for their bracelet, it became instantly clear that there was still an entire generation ready to express themselves through their fashion.

Meet US

We're a group of consumers ourselves - we want high-quality ways to express ourselves without spending a ton of money. We want to know we invested in our jewelry but not be afraid to wear it.

We're a group of people just like you.

The Aura team got together and said "We need to make something that our friends will wear, not just celebrities." So we did.

We've partnered with an executive team responsible for bringing you other brands that have generated over $100 mil in revenue, partnered with international celebrities, and have reached audiences in the hundreds of millions.

Using these resources, AURA has become exclusive partners with family owned factories in the United States (LA and Philly) to bring you hand made jewelry with ethically sourced materials.

We started with a dream to bring you fashion accessories. Read more about our materials, but our jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee, free shipping, and the piece of mind that you can wear your piece every day.

Living the brand

Our team stands by the value of our brand.